VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow. An outdoor unit is an air conditioning system where multiple indoor units are controlled. A VRF Air Conditioning System controls the flow of the refrigerant depending on the changing capacity needs of the building. The VRF Air Conditioning System consists of indoor units used to cool and / or heat living areas inside and outside the building.
The most important feature of VRF Air Conditioning Systems is that they are separated from classic split air conditioners; Thanks to its variable gas flow rate, it works together with energy saving and keeps the comfort of the users at the highest level. The system, which provides maximum care and respect for the environment, focuses on energy saving and provides enhanced application flexibility. It provides fully independent control in a new or existing structure from a multi-storey plaza to a single villa.
VRF Air Conditioning Systems; Equipped with advanced control and flow control units. It is ensured that the refrigerant is used in the right phase and at the right time to be used in heating and cooling. VRF Air Conditioning Systems; In the case of a cooling line from conventional split air conditioning systems, it can optionally be connected to an outdoor unit and multiple indoor units within the different HP capacity range.
Refrigerant flow is controlled by an inverter-controlled compressor or compressors, so that the refrigerant is matched to the air conditioned spaces. An advanced control system switches between heating and cooling modes.